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Family Time At Disney

Family time at the Walt Disney World Resort. This month in particular, we’ve visited Disney Theme Parks every week.  Why?  Cooler temperatures initiated it.

Mid Life Celebration has kept it alive.  A mid life crisis is when a sort of panic (or doubt) sets in that has us question if we are on the correct path in our lives.  Can’t remember ever being so busy with life. Can you?

Perhaps it’s the economic situation and the constant change that is happening all around us.  What to do?  Go to Disney.  Walt Disney wanted a place where Families could do nice things together and forget about reality for a couple hours or a couple days.

We take frequent, but short trips to Disney Theme Parks. Here’s a jeff noel midlife You Tube from earlier this month:

Hope your Mid Life Celebration includes some Family time. It’s challenging to find quality family time, when you’re so busy dealing with all the things life places in front of you. Carpe diem.

Authenticity (New Currency)

Are You Obsessed?



Recently, I asked a friend for the perception of my work ethic, trying to identify any “blind spots”.

My friend, asked, “Are you obsessed”?

Intuitively, I said, if Walt Disney was sitting here with us, I’d say, “You first Walt”.

Walt would reply, most likely, “Damn right I’m obsessed. Absolutely”!

Told my friend, when you turned to me to get my answer, I’d simply reply, “Ditto”!

The road to excellence has no finish line.  Whether you are at work, engaged in your favorite hobby, or sitting in a pew at Church.

It’s also the same at mid-life.

Carpe diem, jeff noel 🙂

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