Sleep is the new coffee

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Time waits for no one.


The only time i hit the snooze button is when i’m exhausted.

But coffee can fix that, right?

What if the only reason coffee serves us is because we are tired and unmotivated?

What if we got eight hours sleep every night?

What if we had a clear, concise, and compelling purpose?

What usefulness would coffee have that sleep and purpose couldn’t provide more strongly?


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Everyday, think, move, feel, work, nest

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Life’s (5) big choices: mind, body, spirit, money, hq


Personal responsibility is being able to choose our response

Everyday (think) positive: our thoughts, words, deeds, friends, what we watch, read, focus on.

Everyday (move) healthy: regular exercise, balanced diet, adequate rest.

Everyday (feel)  gratitude: all day, pray without ceasing and in our giving we receive.

Everyday (work) contribute: we study, hone, practice, execute, read, teach, write, review, correct, learn, launch, revise, repeat, ship.

Everyday (nest) organized: mindfully organize the placement, use, storage, and disposal of our stuff.

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No Rest For The Weary

Par For The Course, 5AM
Par For The Course, 5AM
This Was Hard To Do
This Was Hard To Do

PhysicalMental, Spiritual, and Financial rest?

When do you find time to rest?

How do you define rest?

Would you say you get too little rest, not enough, or just the right amount?

Recently slept until 9:30AM. It was not easy. Not because I was sleeping in, but specifically to force myself to get 8 hours of sleep. I never sleep past 5:30AM.

Find a million ways to do what needs to be done. Truly, there is no rest for the weary.

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The Real Problem With Leisure?

“The real problem of your leisure is how to keep other people from using it”.Anonymous

Ain’t it the truth? Most of it is our own fault though. It is for me anyway.

Always trying to do better.  Always trying to please others.  Never satisfied with the status quo. Over-achiever. Workaholic. Can’t say no.  The list goes on and on.

Here’s another truth, that no one wants to admit. We control our choices.  Not the outcomes, but our choices.

While the outcomes are in the hands of a power we can’t begin to imagine, our choices are not.  Our choices are ours.

You’d think we would have this figured out by mid life.  Why is this so difficult to remember?