Everyday, think, move, feel, work, nest

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Life’s (5) big choices: mind, body, spirit, money, hq


Personal responsibility is being able to choose our response

Everyday (think) positive: our thoughts, words, deeds, friends, what we watch, read, focus on.

Everyday (move) healthy: regular exercise, balanced diet, adequate rest.

Everyday (feel)  gratitude: all day, pray without ceasing and in our giving we receive.

Everyday (work) contribute: we study, hone, practice, execute, read, teach, write, review, correct, learn, launch, revise, repeat, ship.

Everyday (nest) organized: mindfully organize the placement, use, storage, and disposal of our stuff.

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Shift 4 Things

Shifted the focus to my business partner Saturday night…

A break from the book writing story, because, bottom line, when life throws a curve we need to shift our focus.

  1. Shift what we SAY
  2. Shift what we DO
  3. Shift what we THINK
  4. Shift what we FEEL

At least one, maybe more, of these must shift, to compensate for the challenge.

For me, it is all four.

Every situation, properly perceived, is an opportunity.

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