Work while others play

Man looking at magic kingdom Christmas tree
This view – at this time of day – never gets old.

Disney Traditions is Day One for Cast Members. All Cast Members receive a handful of key messages. On Christmas Eve (today), recalling this one:

We work while others play.

Disney Traditions

Was at Disney 13 years before asking for Christmas week off. Didn’t get it.

Didn’t even ask until my 13th year.

Can you imagine?

Got it, finally, in year 14.

Very intentional about waiting 13 years to ask.


Because we work while others play.

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Want to go on a Disney Cruise for Thanksgiving?

Florida voting 2016
Yesterday’s voting location.


Florida voting 2016
Yesterday’s voting location.


Florida voting 2016
Yesterday’s voting location.


Florida voting 2016
Yesterday’s voting location.


Florida voting 2016
Voted yesterday, Nov 3…traveling all day on Election day Nov 8.


While i was voting yesterday, a text came in…

“Do you want to go on a Disney Cruise for Thanksgiving?”

Twist my arm, right?

Hours later the text said we’re good to go.




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The juxtoposition is stunning

Mitchell's Sandcastles Breakers Cabin
Before sunrise yesterday getting ready for 8am departure for WDW.


From a cottage on Florida’s Sanibel Island to a cabin in Montana’s Glacier National Park, within 48 hours.

The juxtaposition is stunning.

From one beautiful place to another.

Same thing happens in life except it’s roughly 48 years between the juxtaposition of youth and middle age.

Stunningly beautiful?

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Midlife morning glory

Florida Beach wildflowers
First morning photo of this year’s Sanibel vacation.


Florida Beach wildflowers
Yesterday, the first morning of the 2015 annual Summer vacation.




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Sunrise at Gibmore

Sunrise at Gibmore


(photo: Sunrise yesterday)

Is it okay to make stuff up?

Biltmore is nearby. Pretty famous, right. Not made up.

So what about Gibmore?

Not far from Biltmore. Not famous. Also not made up.

The Gibmore deck pictured above.

The name is made up but not the vibe.

Who says we can’t make stuff up and have it be as good as anything (maybe better) out there.

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