Everyday, think, move, feel, work, nest

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Life’s (5) big choices: mind, body, spirit, money, hq


Personal responsibility is being able to choose our response

Everyday (think) positive: our thoughts, words, deeds, friends, what we watch, read, focus on.

Everyday (move) healthy: regular exercise, balanced diet, adequate rest.

Everyday (feel)  gratitude: all day, pray without ceasing and in our giving we receive.

Everyday (work) contribute: we study, hone, practice, execute, read, teach, write, review, correct, learn, launch, revise, repeat, ship.

Everyday (nest) organized: mindfully organize the placement, use, storage, and disposal of our stuff.

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Four things to do everyday to be happier

Boomers, this will be us one day. Will we have the guts and determination to publicly show our slowness?

brave seniors

Four things to do everyday to be happier:

  1. Enjoy the luxury of being alive
  2. Enjoy the luxury of growing older
  3. Enjoy the privilege to be an example
  4. Enjoy the luxury of getting out of bed each morning

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