Imagine you’re having this conversation with yourself

Magic Kingdom Town Square at sunrise
Randomly selected photo. Park isn’t open yet. Never gets old being there before it opens.


Imagine you’re having this conversation with yourself…

Everything i do helps me simplify the way i think.

It helps me dedicate myself to the way i think.

That’s personal power.

The way i think drives the way my day goes.

It drives everything that happens today.

It drives tomorrow.

It drove yesterday.

It’s gonna drive every day next week.

And next month, guess what?

It’s gonna drive all 31 days in May.

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If Disney ran your life your attitude would transform

Walt Disney World park entrance
The start of 24 hours of Disney, last week. Notice the group of people by the woman’s blue shirt.


Magic Kingdom Cast Member training at front entrance
The show must go on. Magic Kingdom Cast Member training never stops.


Attitude is not just about being positive. It’s also about determination. And patience.

Even the self-discipline of humility.

It also encompasses belief.

Our ability to commit to a belief system. Deeply. Unswayed, even at the threat of death.

Yeah, it’s that powerful.

Disney banks it’s entire future on it’s culture.

If Disney ran your life, they’d insist you do the same.

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I Have A Confession…

“I have a confession”, our son told me last night as I was checking in on my social media routine.

His confession was nothing alarming.  You see, we recently made an agreement that if he reaches a certain goal (with one of his daily chores) by the end on this month, he can pick out some Lego pods from the Lego store at Disney World (we live next door to Disney World).

However, while I was in Anchorage, Alaska this week, my wife got him one of these Lego pods.  They are small and inexpensive, in the big picture.

He was worried that he broke some sort of deal with me.  He did not. Not as far as I’m concerned anyway.

What he really did though, was remind me how thankful I am to have placed so much time and energy (worry) on developing honesty as a core value.  “You will never get in trouble for telling the truth”, is the mantra he’s heard over and over again.

This also makes me thankful for repetition.  Over and over again. Repetition is the “mother” of all learning.  It is the root of evil and the root of goodness.  But only if we focus on it, over and over again.