Midlife Crisis In Women

What exactly is a midlife crisis for women?  It has different meaning for different people.  It’s 7:00AM here in Orlando. Just finished reading today’s article from Everyday Health, which speaks about midlife crisis affecting women.

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Why would you want to read this, if you’re a man?  Or if you’re a woman but have never had a midlife crisis?

Simply this, know that someday, if you are like most humans, you will come to the proverbial fork in the road.  And the road you’ve been on may not be the road you want to continue traveling on.

Mid Life Celebration was created years ago in an effort to work through my own mid life crisis.  It can be the best time in your life, but only if you embrace it’s reality with a sincere desire to be thankful for it, and, an uncommon passion to celebrate it.

By jeff noel

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