You’re Afraid, Aren’t You?

The Sun Will Eventually Set On Your Life
The Sun Will Eventually Set On Your Life

Most of us are fearful. It’s an endowment our Creator bestowed on us to survive – fight or flight.

But in this case it means fearful, as in “way too fearful“!

Once, midlife was described to me like this, “When a man realizes he’s not going to live forever.”

There’s a simple solution to this.

Any of you have the guts to share?

You ain’t gonna live forever. Are you afraid of being wrong?

Joy In Your Spirit

Joyful Anticipation


Do you look forward to each new day?

I mean, with a joyful anticipation? Not an awful dread.

This can be challenging to say the least. You have to suspect that some readers may not believe I have much experience with Hell, with challenges, problems, obstacles, fear, failure, struggle, grief, agony, hopelessness, strife, worry, doubt.

Do all of you have a ton of experience with these things?  Okay then, I rest my case. We all do. No one is immune.

Then why am I so optimistic and “joyful”?

Great question.  Some people think I’m crazy. A weirdo.  Or, worse, a fake.

It’s taken like 50 years, but, I’m totally cool with it all. Finally.

One of the secrets to being joyful, is so simple, you’re not going to believe it. And it brings great joy to tell you that tomorrow, I’ll reveal January’s “value”.