Dear Son

Dear Son, in the stunning presence of nothingness

father and son bike ride
Last night we spoke about Halloween (in three days) being the kick off for ‘running’.


Dear Son, in the stunning presence of nothingness, with a Big Bang Theory rerun on the TV, last night became one of the best nights of 2015.


Because you and i talked about ‘nothing’ for an hour.

We both wound up lying on the floor just chatting about ‘life’.



No agenda.

And i remember it like it happened 10 seconds ago – that moment when i closed the laptop, set it aside, and slid off the couch onto the floor.




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If Disney ran your life your attitude would transform

Walt Disney World park entrance
The start of 24 hours of Disney, last week. Notice the group of people by the woman’s blue shirt.


Magic Kingdom Cast Member training at front entrance
The show must go on. Magic Kingdom Cast Member training never stops.


Attitude is not just about being positive. It’s also about determination. And patience.

Even the self-discipline of humility.

It also encompasses belief.

Our ability to commit to a belief system. Deeply. Unswayed, even at the threat of death.

Yeah, it’s that powerful.

Disney banks it’s entire future on it’s culture.

If Disney ran your life, they’d insist you do the same.

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The Great Summer of 2012

Life is not a spectator sport

the sun comes up....
...the sun goes down

Life is not a spectator sport, it is a state of mind. A conscious state of mind. One that requires me (us) to be in the moment…if I (we) want to slowly and steadily eradicate regrets.

Everyone gets the same 24 hours each day.

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The Great Summer of 2012

Can the best summer ever and death go together?

super heros
it’s not like we’re super heroes or something

Can the best summer (ever) and death go together? It depends, right? Youth should be exempt from death. The rest of us? Not so much. Making it incumbent on us to live purposefully.

Is it possible to live in the moment, as if tomorrow may not come? To basically not put off until tomorrow that which can be done today.

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Cat’s In The Cradle

Cats In The Cradle
Cats In The Cradle

It was hard wasn’t it?

How can you pick one single solitary song, when there are ten’s of thousands, if not hundred’s of thousands of songs to pick from?

So, after re-reading the list from yesterday’s blog post, it just hit me this morning.

Cat’s In The Cradle“, by Harry Chapin is my all-time favorite song.

Our son will turn out just like me. This song reminds me everyday to be careful what I say and do.

What about you?