Did he say bullshirt?

orlando professional speakers
A typical trip for me, four sessions of 300 each, over two days (1,200 total people)

Did he say bull shirt in yesterday’s post? Yep. Okay, so it was a quote. A really great quote. Happy Labor Day weekend.

This morning I’m in Iowa speaking about customer service best practices. I don’t swear when I teach. Ever. Nor do I mention all this blogging at Mid Life Celebration. Ever.

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PS. Culture is what people think and do, without thinking.

Is your passion contagious?

personal excuses
the truth hurts...it can also set us free...pick one....choose wisely

Do you think passion is contagious? For those who may find a great attitude elusive annoying, I believe they choose to find it that way. Most realize, a positive outlook requires hard work, and lots of it. I think your passion is a result of hard work. There’s no need to waste it or hide it!

Can you believe the Summer is nearly over? Labor day weekend kicks off tomorrow. Ready for Fall?

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The art of procrastination will yield big results here

hereditary behavior
going against popular behavior seems to run in the family

Where does the art of procrastination yield big results? If you can put off long enough the temptation to conform to what society, family, friends, the devil, significant others, teachers, bosses, colleagues, yada yada says you should, then you have witnessed procrastination’s slow transformational power.

Our next goal is to ignite the force just under the surface. If we don’t, well, we’ll never take off during our second half. Ever.

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