Glacier National Park

Glacier National Park is a good friend

Glacier National Park snow plowing
Over in Two Medicine, near the town of East Glacier. Photo from May 3, 2018.


Glacier National Park snow plowing
Closeup of snow plowing on Going to the Sun Road. Easy to see one of the two snow plows. The second one more challenging…it’s left-middle-top.


Glacier National Park snow plowing
Context in the vastness. two snow plows just past The Loop switchback. McDonald Creek is running full in bottom left corner.


The thought of finishing my impossible book writing goal in Glacier National Park is surreal.








One million acres.

734 miles of trail.

300 grizzlies.

Trying not to let the anticipation consume me.


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Would Your Life Change?

The best Summer ever?

Downtown Orlando
Sitting on a bench yesterday afternoon outside the Orange County Government building. A beautiful Spring day.


The best Summer ever?

Sounds pretty darn lofty. Maybe too lofty.

Maybe next Summer, right?

But why not this Summer?

Some of us haven’t thought about this all year.

It’s March 4 as i wrote this (100 days before it goes live on June 12).

i’m already thinking about it.

In fact, started thinking about it last year.


Because, what i’ve learned from a lifetime at Disney, we get better results when we over-focus on the same things others (especially our old self) under-focus on or ignore.




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Joy In Your Spirit

Summer 2013 – best Summer ever?

Disney's Dolphin Resort
This simply looks like a fun place to be!


Summer 2013 – best Summer ever?

We rarely think about grading our seasons, in this case Summer.


A question that intrigues only a few.

Leaving in an hour to visit my favorite place on planet Earth.

Hoping the next week’s posts reveal insights for all of us – insights on living like we mean it – living intentionally.

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The Great Summer of 2012

Pause to recognize the most important person in your life?

wedding anniversary
March 2012...

Pause to recognize the most important person in your life? Yes! Happy 29th wedding anniversary Cheryl.

Life is one big, grand experiment. What a privilege. What a blessing.

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The Great Summer of 2012

Live like you mean it

professional speakers
Every speech is given with the same intensity a heart surgeon takes to the OR

A decade ago, my friend David said something I’ve never forgotten, “People judge us on our behaviors while we judge ourselves on our intentions”.

Life is what happens while we’re busy going through the motions…

Live like you mean it.

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