Teach It In Our Schools

The Life Celebration Ripple Effect, Mid Life Celebration’s definition of The Movement, has visions that we teach this in our schools.

Young children will be taught personal responsibility while they learn to read, write, add and subtract. I suppose this could seem overwhelming, confusing, maybe even ludicrous.

We don’t wait until kids turn 18 to teach them to read & write. And personal responsibility surely doesn’t drop from the sky when young people become “an adult” at 18 or 21. So why do we…

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  1. This seems so unreal to me (and I’m) many of you but true. When deal with discipline matters in school or on the athletic field I often first have to deal with the response, “but, it wasn’t my fault”. I have first explain to them that THEY made the decision to do what they did and therefore have to face the consequences. No one made them do it. Even mre unfortunate, the parents will often support the child in their efforts to deflect blame.

  2. I tell my children and my students, “The _______ fairy doesn’t visit you when you are 18.” Fill in the blank to be faith, with regard to religious education, or good behavior, with regard to children learning right for wrong. Life is a day in and day out learning process. Why not start in kindergarten. Sounds like a great program.

  3. Patty, it will take many people who will shut up and put up, and be the change most people long for. Thank you for already being one of those initiators.

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