Teach It In Our Schools

The Life Celebration Ripple Effect, Mid Life Celebration’s definition of The Movement, has visions that we teach this in our schools.

Young children will be taught personal responsibility while they learn to read, write, add and subtract. I suppose this could seem overwhelming, confusing, maybe even ludicrous.

We don’t wait until kids turn 18 to teach them to read & write. And personal responsibility surely doesn’t drop from the sky when young people become “an adult” at 18 or 21. So why do we…

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What’s one of the biggest roadblocks to engaging trust with others?

It’s one that usually never surfaces and should be at the top of the list. It’s our own insecurity.

Insidiously, insecurity is fed by the media and worst of all, our friends. Our friends, trying to act in our best interests, sabotage a good thing.

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You Can’t Manage This

Manage our stormy weather…

And get a fresh start. Spring. Rebirth.

Manage change or manage desire?

Pick one? Well, most of us pick neither. Both are full of hassles, too much work.

Do what we need to, when we need to, whether we want to or not?

In February, a burden was lifted. Grateful to Mr. GW.

Time to manage change and desire. You in?

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The Unconventional Offer

My young business partner. Suomi means Finland.

Ever look back and wish you would have been gutsier, more courageous, more creative in not letting a childhood dream fade?

Our young son is my trusted business partner, and I asked him, “Should Daddy write the first book by himself or with Mr. GW?”

With Mr. GW.


And Chapin (8 at the time) says, “Because two heads are better than one”.

The unconventional offer was made at a Starbucks. Me (and Chapin with his kid’s hot chocolate) and “Mr. GW”.

We go 50/50 on the book. Both names on the cover.

My vision and story, his organization.

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