What Would You Have Done?

As they walked out to their vehicle, there was a moment of choice. Do I watch them walk away and wish I had said something nice, or do I catch up with them and see if I can somehow thank father and son for their inspiring story? Well…..

First Baptist Church Orlando, April 2010

Had no idea 18 months ago life’s “little” choices (ripple effect) would finally reach a midlife celebration blog.

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  1. Hindsight sure does give perspective on the opportunities God puts in our lives – do we take them or regret the misses? You are right on target!

  2. Bob, it is always a pleasure to hear and see your smiling voice here. In hindsight, the reason for hesitating may have been a feeling of selfishness – that the meeting was more for me than for them. A year and a half later, it feels balanced, with no guilt.

  3. Donna, initially, and immediately, was gonna deflect your compliment because I can’t hold a candle to those two. Then it quickly occurred to me – we all have an inspiring life. ALL of us. And our inspiration is as different as the snowflakes. When we stop comparing, we set ourselves free. Thank you for being here. Like Bob, your smiling and encouraging voice is most welcome and gratefully acknowledged.

  4. Jeff, right on. If you didn’t believe you were inspiring at least one person, you wouldn’t continue to write 5 blogs a day. We will never really know when a smile, a comment or an action will make a difference in another persons life. Keep on doing….

  5. Donna, the person who it’s all intended for won’t read these five blogs until later in life (if at all). The person who was last in line to be inspired from any of this is the author. Self-inspiration is one of God’s greatest blessings. Jesus did it and no one noticed.

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