A double dose of you are the CEO of You, Inc

Disney Leadership Keynote Speaker
Two deer on yesterday’s run around Walt Disney World Resort.


Today’s five Mid Life Celebration posts revolve around:

  • excuses
  • regret
  • second chances
  • opportunity
  • permission

There’s a second helping that includes being:

  • gentle
  • generous
  • direct
  • compelling hopeful

Here’s the main insight today:

Overcoming your struggles is your real objective. You are in charge. We need to be amazing at overcoming temptations to be less than we are capable of.

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Be ready (huh?)

TED video title screen
The ripple effect


Be ready.


A couple days ago while driving, two simple words came to mind out of nowhere (happens frequently by the way).



Will we be ready for take off when air traffic control announces our dream is ready for takeoff?

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Waiting for permission to do something is what holds us back

Screen shot iPhone error message
Our soul can feel tangled up when we wait for too long on too many things.


Nature doesn’t give most creatures a choice for asking permission, because life depends on decisiveness.

Survival in the wild demands depends on acting on your instinct.

So did we live like it matters yesterday?

Will today be a repeat?

Decide, no?

Then go!

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