Yes or no attitude

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Yesterday’s lunch. Eating well, specifically fewer processed foods and more “super foods” is a huge goal. Why, because my attitude about health is that you should be vibrant.

Yes or no to defaulting to a positive, growth-mindset attitude?



In jeff-land, the answer is stunningly obvious.

Remember, the way you live your life – what we see you do – is your answer.

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These people are not saying the other people are wrong

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(photo: Christmas card arrived yesterday from a client, friend, and fellow Disney fanatic. Losing our childhood enthusiasm is tragic.)

Do we fill our brains, and thus our attitude, with positive, uplifting, inspirational, good and decent books, film, TV, web, friends, Family, community, work?

Not agreeing with certain behaviors, content, and habits, and steering as clear as possible from these doesn’t mean we think the other person is wrong.

A vegetarian doesn’t have to compromise when steak is served.

Same with attitude.

Happy April Fool’s Day eve as this post goes live. (written just four days before Christmas)

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Believing in nothing is as dangerous as believing

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(photo: Cleaning the office closet last night… resurrecting the launch materials)

Believing in nothing is as dangerous as believing.

Who’s right?

The non-believer or the believer?

Who has full authority and final say?

Live and let live.


Either believe in being positive all the time or not.

Learn to love your beliefs and learn to trust them explicitly.

Leaving room for doubt is as dangerous as leaving none.

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2 days..Invest in yourself

Darwin or God?
Sooner or later it would help if we could validate our convictions


The greatest dream killer question in the history of the world:

But what if I’m wrong?

This is the one that we are afraid to respond with:

But what if this is the right thing to do?

Taking risks is risky. So is playing it safe.

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