iPad mini or authenticity?

iPad mini
iPad mini… November 2012


iPad mini or authenticity?

Which will lead The Movement?

The iPad – cutting edge!

Authenticity – cutting edge?

Tell me again who said our adult dreams are not worth pursuing because, well, we’re adults… and we should act our age?


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Why Do You Come Here?

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Have you noticed that there are people who offer advice, but you don’t really see them cooking it up for themselves? Or their advice is fairly lopsided on one particularly honed skill.

Like a really smart person who’s in dangerous health. Or a very rich, very empty person. Or a saintly person, with a dark side. Or a CEO, with unfulfilled childhood dreams.

I start each day on my knees, and ask for wisdom, guidance, humility, strength, and joy, so that I may, with the most amazing love, try to inspire you to seize today. It’s your gift. Unwrap it and press on.

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Electric Light Orchestra

There once was a thing called a ‘Record Album’. You played them on this, a ‘Record Player’…

A 1970’s Rock Band, ELO, or Electric Light Orchestra, had a song, “Can’t Get It Out Of My Head.”

Chasing childhood dreams later in life is so exciting at first, because, after all those years since we gave up (or postponed), we can refresh, renew and reclaim our passion to move forward and emerge victorious.

Except for one thing – a couple years back into it, we remember why it never materialized in the first place.

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Ever Wonder?

You Will Not Get A Third Chance
You Will Not Get A Third Chance

Ever wonder when the time will be right?

For what?

For the time to be right for you to do the thing you always wanted to do, but never gave it enough time and attention and now the clocking is ticking more noticeably, and you wish you would have started long ago.

Ever wonder?