Where Does It Come From?

Southern California
Southern California

Where does your midlife energy come from?

Is your midlife energy abundant?

Is it reliable?

Do you have a enough to share?

Are these questions important to you?

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  1. It comes from the grace and blessings in my life. Welling up with my children’s laughter.
    And ebbing when faced with their despair. Some days it is a bountiful well, an endless supply. Other days, I have learned it takes the blessings of other’s to see the day through. But those people are all part of His plan. No encounter is wasted.

    I think about that when I say hi to strangers on the street.

  2. Well said Patty.
    Life ebbs and flows.
    You have a well-grounded approach to the highs and the lows, and thanks for sharing it.
    It seems, by the time adults reach midlife, this attitude ought to be part of our harvest from a lifetime of sowing seeds of hope, faith, Love, hard work, perseverance, etc.

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