What’s the biggest regret you feel comfortable sharing?

School parking lot chalk board
Regret waiting so long to start a Family. (Married 31 years with a 14-year old – do the math)


What’s the biggest regret you feel comfortable sharing? And if you are comfortable, please feel free to share why.

If there was a chance for a do-over, and knowing what you know now, what might have changed the outcome?

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  1. Jeff,

    For me, it mainly goes under the general category of taking risks. I honestly believe I didn’t have the opportunities my kids have had growing up, but I wonder if I did have some of those opportunities and chose to not take the risks. If I had, how would things be different for me now?


  2. Bob, risks are a funny thing. Because sometimes the risk is to stop doing something rather than the traditional start doing… Just yesterday recounted the story of how four years ago (Chapin was 10) the decision was made to stop all texting and emailing (and phone calls) while driving… even when at a red light.

    Waited 90 days before asking him in the back passenger seat (with daily bird’s eye view of the driver) if he noticed anything different.

    The original vision was to plan ahead for when he turned 16 and had a learner’s permit and he’s get the “You can’t text and drive’ speech.

    Hoping that by the 16th birthday, he won’t even be able to remember that it was ever done by his dad.

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