If Would Your Life Change?

1 Big Secret You Need To Know

How's Your Progress Coming?
How's Your Progress Coming?

Look, you’re an adult (right?).

You know what the heck you need to do (right?).

You’re living the dream, right?

Good, positive mental stimulation. Great physical health. Your faith and hope are stronger than ever. You spend less than you earn (right?).

Your life is a glowing example for the people you care about.

If it’s not, click here, and get a grip.

PS. Thank you Lorie Sheffer for the assist.

Self Control (Impossible?)

We Don’t Learn Responsibility

Our Current System Fails Society
Our Current System Fails Society

Consider this: When are children taught mental, physical, spiritual and financial responsibility?

I ain’t a genius, but it seems like the overwhelming answer is, “Never!”

Do we, as a collective society, believe personal responsibility in Life’s Big Decisions is going to fall from the sky and wash over people when they turn 18, or maybe 21?

Life's Big Choices (4 total) Self Control (Impossible?)

Personal Responsibility = Antidote

Why Do We Lock Up The Basics?
Why Do We Lock Up The Basics?

Personal responsibility is the antidote to avoid or at the very least, minimize the damage of a midlife crisis.

When is that drilled into us?


Unless you are exceptionally lucky.

Society expects personal responsibility to fall from the sky and land on us when we become adults. How’d that work out for you when you turned 18 or 21?

What if mental, physical, spiritual and career responsibility was taught to us from childhood, in our school systems, the way we teach reading and math?