What if we wished there were more of them in our life?

Crazy, nut-job misfits… wish there were more of them in our life?

The 2014 Winter Olympic video below is worth an encore. Only two minutes.

We get so busy on the treadmill of life. We poison our souls so slowly we never notice.

(it’s almost sickening to watch dreams waste away)

So here’s the question worth asking.

Are we satisfied with our trajectory?

Whatever it is that we dreamt about, does it still give us a tinge of excitement?

Or have we kissed it goodbye forever?

Either way, those really important younger people in our lives are watching us (non-Olympians that we are).

And we are telling them in advance how ‘The Herd’s’ story ends.

It always ends the same way…. “No, I had always wanted to, and really wished I had done _______. But I didn’t.”

But those crazy, lunatic misfits – the freaks who bucked tradition… they’re the ones we wished we had followed.

Take it from one who knows. There’s still hope for us.

A year from now we’ll wish we had started today.

This is stuff that cannot be made up.

It’s simply the cold hard, amazing truth.

Be well and remain amazed.

Pretty sure you know how to access the video…



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No, Seriously

We aren’t living fully. No, not really. We’re not.

But here’s the coolest thing. We are grown up enough to have permission to.

In the search for amazing people to inspire, we’ve overlooked the obvious. We’ve looked everywhere except in the mirror. Go look (I’ll wait).

See?! I told you so. But if you didn’t see what you should have seen, try again in a few minutes, or tomorrow, or however long it takes.

Eventually, you’ll see. And that will be the beginning of your great adventure.

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Mid Life Crisis Strikes Again

Was I having a midlife crisis moment a few days ago while sitting in the pew at Church, listening to our inspiring Priest?

Nope.  It was a midlife celebration moment. It filled me with joy and went something like this:

Lately, I’ve been questioning the percentage of time I write about serious and deep stuff on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

That’s when the revelation came.

My ability to think deeply and profoundly is either innate or highly developed.  My ability to laugh is similar. But reading my entries, you’d think I was just a serious person only.

And then something else happened.  The realization that I can turn on a dime and go completely comical.

And then this thought.  How many can turn on a dime and go deep and profound?

Finally, the question of is one better than the other?  No.  It’s not about better. It’s about balance.

And, it’s about preparation.  Mid Life is something that can be planned for and joyful.

Being serious, profound and deep, is a world-class way to be ready for mid life.