What if we wished there were more of them in our life?

Crazy, nut-job misfits… wish there were more of them in our life? The 2014 Winter Olympic video below is worth an encore. Only two minutes. We get so busy on the treadmill of life. We poison our souls so slowly we never notice. (it’s almost sickening to watch dreams waste away) So here’s the question […]

No, Seriously

We aren’t living fully. No, not really. We’re not. But here’s the coolest thing. We are grown up enough to have permission to. In the search for amazing people to inspire, we’ve overlooked the obvious. We’ve looked everywhere except in the mirror. Go look (I’ll wait). See?! I told you so. But if you didn’t […]

Mid Life Crisis Strikes Again

Was I having a midlife crisis moment a few days ago while sitting in the pew at Church, listening to our inspiring Priest? Nope.  It was a midlife celebration moment. It filled me with joy and went something like this: Lately, I’ve been questioning the percentage of time I write about serious and deep stuff […]