We Started With Disney The Same Day Michael Eisner Became Disney’s CEO

jeff noel started the same time (late September 1984) as Michael Eisner, Disney’s new CEO. A week later, Michael Eisner gave a welcome speech to Walt Disney World cast members before the Magic Kingdom opened to Guests, describing his vision for Disney’s future. I took this photo. Left to right: Mickey Mouse, Michael, Jane Eisner, Luanne Wells, Frank Wells. This is one of the worst pics jeff noel has ever taken.

A few years into my Disney career, I dreamt of one day being Disney’s CEO. What a Goofy thought.

To this very day, I remain absolutely, positively Goofy about Cheryl (above).

What I have learned from life is that you couldn’t pay me enough money to be a Fortune 500 CEO. Life has a funny way of grounding our blind ambitions. Thank goodness, eh?

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By The Time Family Arrived, We Both Had Jobs As Disney Cast Members

We drove from Washington State University to become Disney World Cast Members in 1984. Family quickly arrived in Kissimmee to visit.

Free Theme Park admission was a Cast Member perk we often took advantage of.

With only a couple hundred dollars to our name, most of it gone after paying deposits for rent & utilities, we began our corporate careers.

Where was your start in the “corporate world”?

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Only Poor People, Drug Dealers and Newlyweds Rented Here

Back in 1984, a first floor, corner unit, next to a busy street was perfect.

Cheryl’s cousin Mike, and her Grammy (88 at the time) came to check on us…

Beggars can’t be choosers.

Anyone else ever live in a “roach motel”?

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jeff noel’s Big Goal In Life Is To Become This Kind Of Person….

The kind of person Cooper thinks I am. Cooper, 8 weeks old here, turned one June 12…

What’s your big goal in life?

Can it be serious and funny all at the same time? Dogs see only the goodness in their owners. Owners ought to try to live up to that.

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