Which comes first, the proliferation or the determination?

Random airport terminal wall sign about unlimited potential
Random airport terminal wall sign – triggers a thought: Right on!


Which comes first, the proliferation or the determination?

Seth Godin shared his 5,000th blog post yesterday.

Highly unlikely prolific bloggers start out thinking proliferation.

Most bloggers’ focus is short term.

Apparently not Seth – 3,650 days (10 years) to reach his incredible milestone.

Congratulations Seth. Inspiring.


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Dear Readers, Writing About Midlife Is So Exhilarating, Have You Ever Tried It?

Maybe pedestrian laws, but blogging laws, not interested anymore. jeff noel is out to rewrite them.

Dear readers, something unusually cool is happening. jeff noel, Midlife Celebration founder, can’t quite put his finger on it, but can undeniably say that writing about midlife has been so amazingly exhilarating that it’s almost as if it doesn’t matter if anyone reads it.

Sure, followers are nice. Yet after writing blogs so prolifically, the reasons for writing now are, well, changing. He’ll write about that tomorrow, most likely.

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jeff noel, Midlife Celebration Founder, Loves Helping Others Think, Smile, Or Be Grateful

jeff noel, Midlife Celebration Photographer & Prolific Blogger

Dear Readers, jeff noel, Midlife Celebration founder, has been blogging everyday for 29 months. For real. Not missing a day, except to ensure the 3,000th Mid Life Celebration, post would hit on Halloween (2010). How scary was that? So now, noel is closing in on 5,000 blog posts – prolific blogger territory. All from a 100-day promise to jump start a history of procrastination and fear.

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Randy Pausch’s Message Was A Timeless Message To Follow Our Childhood Dreams

We have eyes to see, but no lens to focus. Too busy.

Too soon, too many come to find death calling.

Randy Pausch gained world exposure not because he was smart, but because he was dying and faced death with a contagious, indomitable courage – to leave a trail for his children and provide for his Family.

It saddens, but doesn’t surprise me that the world has mostly forgotten Randy’s message. Three years after Randy’s death, are you still running with the “follow-your-childhood-dreams” baton?

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