What Would You Like To Do Someday?

Always easy access to a camera. That’s how I roll, taking tons of photos. People ask me “why?” Easy answer. Take 20 to get a good one.

Good is defined any way you want it to be. Beauty, in the eye of the beholder.

This picture is from the 6th graders’ room at our Son’s school. Which do you love more, questions or answers?

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What If We Were Graded

Is it possible for any human to have an accurate perspective?

Even 10-year olds can understand perspective. It requires good teachers.

If we where graded on our teaching of moral obligations, justice, service, acceptance, compassion – our mental responsibility, how would we do?

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It’s Easier And More Comforting To Complain, I Think

Weekly headlines read gloom more often than they read uplifting.

How do we find determination and strength to be part of the solution? Far easier taking comfort in complaining.

Outnumbered by fear, doubt, anxiety, poor habits, we fight the classic good vs evil battle, refusing defeat. We must be doubt’s antidote.

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When Their Dreams Unfold Before Our Very Eyes By jeff noel

Chuck The Pool Guy’s children and The Blog Whisperer’s son are like cousins.

Are we excited for our friends when their dreams unfold before our very eyes? Or do we secretly feel jealousy because their courage and progress reminds us of our lack?

jeff noel writes about Life’s Big Choices, to leave a trail for a young boy, and to help you think, smile, or be grateful. Mid Life Celebration is about our mental attitude, and our ability – and opportunity – to harness it.

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