Smile reprise

Shirtless man next to a Iowa Hawkeye statue
Warm enough to sweat without a shirt. University of Iowa.

Felt great to saddle up yesterday and blog without using quotes.

Makes me smile.

Been taking pictures since receiving that first camera as a child. Received a free plastic camera. Our gas station had a promotion that you could get a free camera with a fill up.

Makes me smile.

Note: There’s a chance you had to buy it for a nominal fee but it was like 60 years ago, can’t recall.

Photos are stored in three places. This is an example of having a backup for the backup.

This too makes me smile.

One of those storage places sends a daily “on this day” photo memory sample. Many of the past week or so photos are from this random feed. Today is an example.

More smiling.

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University of Iowa mascot, and admin building
Sunrise run while still at Disney Institute (pre-2014). It’s a Magical time in every city or campus. Why? Solitude. Because few are out before/at sunrise. University of Iowa.

Pausing “quotes” today.


To return to a familiar place.

Writing one or two sentences at a time. Sentences that tell a short story or reveal a helpful insight.


A state change for starters.

Secondly, feeling nostalgic.

Finally, to see if i still recall how i traditionally write blog posts.

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Smile with your thoughts today

two men in a boat
College buddy Howard and me in 2017 on Lake McDonald. We are smiling because we are having an experience we would rather not have because of forest fires and it is awesome. We adapted and overcame and had a once-in-a-lifetime experience on the lake. We didn’t go to Glacier to boat, we went to hike.

Smile with your thoughts today.

And by today, that means everyday.

Magic, remember?

But you already knew that.

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This website is about our MIND. To read today’s post about our BODY, click here.

We Started With Disney The Same Day Michael Eisner Became Disney’s CEO

jeff noel started the same time (late September 1984) as Michael Eisner, Disney’s new CEO. A week later, Michael Eisner gave a welcome speech to Walt Disney World cast members before the Magic Kingdom opened to Guests, describing his vision for Disney’s future. I took this photo. Left to right: Mickey Mouse, Michael, Jane Eisner, Luanne Wells, Frank Wells. This is one of the worst pics jeff noel has ever taken.

A few years into my Disney career, I dreamt of one day being Disney’s CEO. What a Goofy thought.

To this very day, I remain absolutely, positively Goofy about Cheryl (above).

What I have learned from life is that you couldn’t pay me enough money to be a Fortune 500 CEO. Life has a funny way of grounding our blind ambitions. Thank goodness, eh?

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