Dear Son

Be mentally amazed and amazing today

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Be mentally amazed and amazing today.


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Five Daily Blogs, Seriously?


Apple MacBook 2008
It all started so ridiculously innocently and simply



Three days.

Thanks for your indulgence as the final days tick by.

How is this even possible?



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Outlasting Fear

Two More Days Until April Fool’s Day, You Know What This Means?

The greatest day of my life.

My wife Cheryl often tells the story how if you would have asked any of our college friends if we would have become husband and wife, they would have said, “Not in a million years”. Life has a funny way of making room for impossible.

Insight: Life gives each human a handful of miracles.

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Sort of Not

No, Seriously

We aren’t living fully. No, not really. We’re not.

But here’s the coolest thing. We are grown up enough to have permission to.

In the search for amazing people to inspire, we’ve overlooked the obvious. We’ve looked everywhere except in the mirror. Go look (I’ll wait).

See?! I told you so. But if you didn’t see what you should have seen, try again in a few minutes, or tomorrow, or however long it takes.

Eventually, you’ll see. And that will be the beginning of your great adventure.

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Peace In Your Soul

Amazing Midlife Day

Our Honeymoon Was Amazing
Our Honeymoon Was Amazing

Do you have amazing midlife days?

And if you’re not at midlife, or past midlife, do you still have amazing days?

What does it take to have an amazing day?

Who gets to decide if it was amazing, or not?

What criteria should a person use to judge amazing, in a single day?

Is amazing replicable?

Do you inspire yourself?