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Florida Real Estate
Florida Real Estate

As we all strive to stay alive in this brutal recession and down economy, it is the most creative and the hardest working that not only survive, but thrive.

How is it possible to thrive in a great depression?  Well, for starters, we’ve already mentioned it: be the most creative and hardest working in your industry.

Like this Central Florida Real Estate Agent.  She placed her business cards in the most creative and unusual place ever seen.  Shot a One-Take-You Tube video and posted it Super Bowl Sunday.

Yesterday, my Google Alert for Mid Life Celebration captured this viral spread of that You Tube video and the most amazing, simple, and creative Florida Real Estate Marketing you’ve seen in a long time.

Click here to check it out.  It’s brief (20 sec), powerful and it might just be the catalyst for your next successful, creative idea to market your business.

Randy Pausch, The Last Lecture

Randy Pausch, The Last Lecture. In ten days, one year will have passed since Randy left our earthly world for his next journey, perhaps a heavenly world.

We will probably start to see news media marking this anniversary. In advance of this, I’d like to share his original You Tube Last Lecture.

Randy Pausch’s story inspired me, and I’m an already inspired kind of guy. And not only me, but millions of others, to recapture some excitement, and commitment, to our childhood dreams.

What did it for me was his attitude towards awful news – “You have three to six months to live”.

Whether you are unfamiliar with his story, or know it well, I challenge you to view The Last Lecture this weekend.

We can all be thankful he gave such an inspiring Last Lecture, although I’m sorry he had to.

Living with regret must be a painful exit from this world.  Do something, now, while you still can.  Follow a childhood dream to completion.  Carpe diem, jeff noel 🙂

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