Yesterday’s Post Could Have Gone Longer Because I Wanted To Ask You This

Front cover…

Back cover…

Yesterday’s post could have gone longer. Wanted to add that I believe you think the same thoughts as me, but have no real intentions of doing the hard work to live easier, more balanced.

It was convincing to read or listen to Randy Pausch’s message. His imminent death added credibility and inspiration. I still cry when I see the picture on the back cover of his book.

Any chance at all you could find the will to go for it? You know, to live before you die.

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Randy Pausch Said Something In The Last Lecture That Can Really Help Keep Us Going

Randy Pausch wrote The Last Lecture to help his three very young children know, when they got old enough to wonder, what he valued in life. He had to write it before he died. He didn’t know when he would die, only that it would be soon.

Last July, two years after reading Randy’s book, I shot a short video with a challenge for you. Now, three years after Randy’s unfortunate death, his message is even more important.

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Randy Pausch The Last Lecture

In 2007, Randy Pausch, married, 3 kids six and under, Carnegie Mellon computer science professor, Disney Imagineer, and all-around good and brilliant guy, was diagnosed with Pancreatic cancer, the worst kind, with the lowest survival rate. Randy gave a 75-minute Last Lecture (also on You Tube), but this 10-minute version is a reprise he did on the Oprah Winfrey Show. It surprises me, still, how many people have never heard of Randy Pausch or The Last Lecture (Randy’s Book). You owe it to yourself, if you still have unfulfilled childhood dreams, to watch. You can thank me later:

So Much Has Happened

Light's Out Everybody
Light's Out Everybody

Has your life been hectic in the last couple weeks? It’s challenging, isn’t it?

And I don’t want to go one more day

…without asking, “Did I give it my all, or was I simply going through the motions”.

The 2nd anniversary of Randy Pausch’s death is tomorrow.  Lorie Sheffer’s Guest Blogger post is a fitting tribute to all of us – remember what’s most important, before our lights go out.

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