Adventure of college
Photo library and this one caught my eye.

Next involves:

  • a deadline
  • five buckets: mind, body, spirit, work, home
  • cleaning up my administrative affairs
  • Turning over ownership of everything
  • Closing out emotional bank accounts
  • having fun
  • finishing the books
  • saying “no”, more often
  • saying “yes”, more often too
  • Peace
  • Contentment

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Letting go

Tony Cozza remodeling allows me (us) to trust someone to do things the way we would do them, or even better than we ever could. Evening shot of back porch paint prep.

Part of my next is letting go of all the things i currently do that someone else can do.

Hire someone for each task is an option.

Another option is to stop doing the task.

It’s a combination of both.

Preparing your family for your (permanent) absence is a gift. You are required to have an uncommon attitude about your paradigm shift.

Being prepared for death doesn’t need to be avoided.

Are you prepared for your death?

Do you know others who have their paperwork of life all set for when that day comes? And not only paperwork, but the emotional reassurance and closure that comes from leaving no doubt where your love stands.

It’s not like avoiding the preparation will delay death and extend your life. Or am i missing something?

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This website is about our MIND. To read today’s post about our BODY, click here.

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Need Help Not Giving Up?

Three things being overwhelmed can teach us

Barnes and Noble Bookshelves of Management books
No shortage of advice on managing things


Three things being overwhelmed can teach us:

  1. expect the unexpected (at any moment, and especially when we can least afford it)
  2. keep things simple so when they get complicated, they are less complicated
  3. maybe the best we can hope for is to be barely on the other (good) side of insanity

Building a strong foundation by midlife probably didn’t happen for most of us. Building now is totally within our realm now because we know we need it and no one else will do it for us.

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Outlasting Fear

Should we be prepared to fail?

Decide to fail but not quit

Happy May 2012. How’d that happen? How’s your year progressing? Please tell me you’re still on fire about it. If so, great. If not, pause, and consider…

We’re hoping to succeed; we’re okay with failure. We just don’t want to land in between. – David Chang

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Joy In Your Spirit

Mid Life Crisis Strikes Again

Was I having a midlife crisis moment a few days ago while sitting in the pew at Church, listening to our inspiring Priest?

Nope.  It was a midlife celebration moment. It filled me with joy and went something like this:

Lately, I’ve been questioning the percentage of time I write about serious and deep stuff on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

That’s when the revelation came.

My ability to think deeply and profoundly is either innate or highly developed.  My ability to laugh is similar. But reading my entries, you’d think I was just a serious person only.

And then something else happened.  The realization that I can turn on a dime and go completely comical.

And then this thought.  How many can turn on a dime and go deep and profound?

Finally, the question of is one better than the other?  No.  It’s not about better. It’s about balance.

And, it’s about preparation.  Mid Life is something that can be planned for and joyful.

Being serious, profound and deep, is a world-class way to be ready for mid life.