Mid Life Common Sense?

Mid life common sense? Watching President Obama last night give his “First 100 Days” speech, he spoke of many things facing our Nation and the World. First up was Swine Flu. What struck me about this topic, is what all of us can do. He listed a handful of easy, simple steps. See if any […]

Ever Wonder?

Ever wonder if there’s more to life than what you’re currently experiencing? That’s the kind of crazy stuff I think about all the time. I think Walt Disney thought like that. I’ve studied Walt Disney and his organization for 45 years. So, I know a little. In fact, one could make a decent argument that […]

Mid Life Day Off?

Mid Life day off? Taking the morning off. May write later. May not. Carpe diem, and have a glorious Mid-Life Sunday. Our son’s first Holy Communion was humbling and spectacular. Peace and blessings, jeff 🙂

First Holy Communion

Our eight-year old son will receive his first Holy Communion today. Wow! Who would have ever thought I’d be a father? My life centered around me for about 40 years, although I never admitted it. The past decade, thanks to this Mid Life Celebration, it’s been a journey of Rethinking, Reprioritizing, and Recommiting. The hardest […]

Mid-Life Perfection?

Mid Life perfection? Not a chance. Not in my world anyway. Yesterday, my eight-year old son and I were sitting outside a small cafe, enjoying the early evening breeze and enjoying our chicken fajitas. From around the corner, cigerette smoke would fill our space and then our lungs. I used to smoke cigerettes. Let’s just […]