Mid-Life Celebration opinion?

Mid-Life Celebration opinion? Who wants it? Who needs it? Who has it? I just finished reading this short, but thought-provoking quote: “The more opinions you have, the less you see“. — Wim Wenders, German Film Director Now, I’m starting to worry about “blind spots”. Make it a great day, because if you don’t, who will? […]

Happy Earth Day!

If there was ever something to be thankful for at mid-life, Mother Earth has to be at the top of any list. Seriously. I’m thankful for EARTH! In general, humans take Earth for granted. I hope to take my young son to see the new Disney’s Earth movie at the local theater before the weekend’s […]

Mid-Life Thanks?

Mid-Life Thanks? Yes, indeed! If you follow Mid Life Celebration, I want to personally thank you for reading this blog. Today, thankfully, I woke up. Ever consider what a gift that is? Priceless, in my humble opinion. Hey, if you’re interested, there are four other blogs I write, and I wrote in all of them […]

How long can I keep it up?

How long can any of us keep it up? How long can I continue to write five blogs a day? I don’t know? Do you? Wanna guess? One thing I do know for sure, and this should not surprise anyone – I won’t know until I really try. What type of person do you want […]

Celebrate a Mid Life Crisis?

Should we celebrate a mid-life crisis? Sure beats the alternative, eh? I heard this somewhere and have always remembered it, “Until further notice, celebrate everything“! I’ve made too many mistakes and had too many setbacks in my life to want to stay on that path. Today, tomorrow, all week, next week, all month, next month, […]