Need Help Not Giving Up?

No Dreams Come True If We Don’t Try, Fail, Try Again

Yesterday, Jack and I returned from Providence, Rhode Island…

It was fun to practice a speech in the Capital Building.

This morning’s post (below) had an intent you might have missed. Goals and dreams we have remaining are either:

  1. Newer goals, based on shifted priorities
  2. Old, important, tough goals, we don’t want to abandon

Our goals are different. Our desire the same. I simply want the power of a personal example to help you with real life in real time. I had nothing on the 1st 20 pages on Google. You can see the results for yourself – and know there is no theory preached here.

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One Question A Day?


Dad, how often do you feel like quitting?

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Yesterday’s answer: Yes.

Joy In Your Spirit

Mid Life Change Eh?

“To be human is to change.  To be perfect is to change often.” Henry Newman

Heard this last Sunday at Church.  It resonated. I immediately wrote it down, because it reminds me what I’m trying to say at Mid Life Celebration.

Mid Life Celebration, or as some say, mid life crisis, is a time to:

  1. Rethink
  2. Reprioritize
  3. Recommit

The above three also happen to be the tag line here at Mid Life Celebration, which is two years old now.

That’s all it is. Do those three. And then start the process over again.

PS.  The domain name is two years old, but I’ve been using the phrase in a variety of ways for 11 years, since my mid life crisis celebration began.