Secret hack to improve your attitude

If Disney Ran Your Life, continuously improving in everything is the only acceptable standard.

The secret hack to improving your attitude?

The way to get better is to get better at getting better.

My favorite hack is to do something seemingly insignificant, and to do it everyday for a week.

The second week, same thought/action configuration, but either twice in one day or once a day for slightly longer than the week before.

Repeat this thought/action combo until you no longer have to remember to think and do it – it just happens from habit.

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They say it takes seven years to make a profit

Historic Climate change agreement
A few days ago, an historic moment for the world.


Historic moments are rare.

And when these moments happen, things change.

i’m quietly and humbly celebrating a significant historic moment.

They say it takes seven years to make a profit.

Like clockwork.

In 18 days, on January 1, 2016, Mid Life Celebration’s eighth year begins.

Was sharing on the phone with my Mom yesterday that 2015 was the first year of real revenue.

While still at Disney, the book revenue in 2013 and 2014 was so minuscule (closer to zero than to $5k each year), that if we rounded to the closest number, it would be zero.




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Rearrange our word choice and magic happens

Twitter video
Twitter screen shot on iPhone. One word is missing.


This photo was taken yesterday. It’s a Twitter advertisement for their new video app. Love the tag line:


Life, camera, action.


Rearrange our word choice and magic happens. A small tweak – add one word, change the order – changes everything.


Life, purpose, action, camera.


Got it?

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It’s your ship to sink or sail

Disney Executive Leadership Speakers


(photo: This venue seats 5,000.)

It has been incredibly interesting to be in charge of everything.

As CEO of your own small business, you can do anything you want.

This is a blessing and a curse.

You might sink your ship. You might discover new shores.

Bottomline, it humbles you in learning why so many people do, or don’t do, the things they do.


And if you manage to survive, greed comes a calling asking you to cut corners, take short cuts, exaggerate.

But then you remember the brand you are building – and none of those are even remotely acceptable.

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How Much Faith Is Required To Become A Successful Small Business Startup?

Upfront capital expenses can put a burden on anyone.

This grocery store will soon open, thanks to an amazing infrastructure and proven business plan.

At the end of the day, a business needs to be profitable. Duh, right. A blinding flash of the obvious. There is the obvious need for capital investment and payroll. And what makes America great is our ability to overcome adversity against all odds. These are extraordinary economic times. Dear IRS, please have faith in Mid Life Celebration, LLC. Thank you.

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