Humility (never enough)

Why did i fail so predictably in the past?

Rainy, cold night in Bethlehem, PA
From the rear driver’s side window, returning to Senior Living Facility from a party. i could see clearly, but the iPhone lens saw it differently.


Why did i fail so predictably in the past? And why i no longer do.

  1. Wasn’t willing to fight like hell for it
  2. Denied, unintentionally, that i was more comfortable not changing
  3. Didn’t feel guilty in failing because so many others failed too
  4. Subconsciously was afraid of what i’d have to commit to if i succeeded

The awakening came when i became a teacher and i saw so many teachers who only preached what should be done, but were too weak to practice it themselves.

i became disgusted with living a lie.

And that was the catalyst that changed everything.

It really comes down to overcoming the victim mentality, which proliferates and justifies excuses – it literally is like being a blind man and then, miraculously, having your eyesight restored.




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Authenticity (New Currency)

Living seldom stops us. What stops us is our fear of living

Teppan Edo at Epcot's Japan
Let the memories begin right here, right now


Dear son, thank you for an amazing 36 hours. Perhaps the best evening and next day – back to back conversations ever.

Dear readers, thank you for your amazing support after all these years.

Living seldom stops us. What stops us is our fear of living.

Mistakes and failures are gifts.

Life altering gifts.

Embrace them.

Chase them.

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The Great Summer of 2012

The number one reason why people fail in life

sure it's a fancy birdhouse, but it's still a cage

The number one reason why people fail in life? Think about it. We already know the answer because you and I have been doing it all our lives. We quit.

We quit moving forward with our dreams. Instead of quitting, what if we recalculated? You know, adjusted our course, modified the due dates, found creative ways we never dreamed of, and celebrated the journey? What if?

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Outlasting Fear

Should we be prepared to fail?

Decide to fail but not quit

Happy May 2012. How’d that happen? How’s your year progressing? Please tell me you’re still on fire about it. If so, great. If not, pause, and consider…

We’re hoping to succeed; we’re okay with failure. We just don’t want to land in between. – David Chang

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Dear Son

Dear Son, Most Startup Businesses Don’t Survive

Life, like nature, and business, can be quite brutal.

Dear Son, the fact that Mid Life Celebration is still alive is because your Father has learned how to survive. What we accept by default becomes our standard. I can accept failure, but I can not accept quitting.

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