Mid Life Stuff

Think About Making It Simple
Think About Making It Simple

How much is enough?  A famous and sultry actress from yesteryear, Mae West once said, “Too much of a good thing is wonderful”.

We can assume she wasn’t talking about stuff. Anyway, the question still remains. And some collect stuff that defies logic, common sense, basic hygiene, and fundamental organizational skills for practical living.

Excessive collecting can complicate relationships and alienate people from the ones they love, just for starters.

Most of us certainly don’t have the answers, nor do we have any appetite for supporting this behavior. If we did, would that make us co-dependent? Like being co-dependent with an alcoholic in denial?

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Each day, do you attempt to simplify?  De-clutter?  Detoxify? Purge? Reevaluate?

What if you did?

Every Man Is Guilty

“Every Man is guilty of all the good he didn’t do”.Voltaire

This thought almost has me speechless.  Seriously.  Wow.

This is a profoundly simple, yet simply profound statement.  Why?

It signifies, perhaps, one of the original seeds of mid life crisis.  We get to mid life and question, “What the heck happened to all my plans to do great things”?

If we are strong enough and focused enough, to have the will to turn our mid life crisis into a mid life celebration, we can realize a second chance in life.  It’s up to each one of us.  And yes, it will NOT be easy, but it will be worth celebrating.  Big time!