Dear Son, If You Want A Great, Positive Attitude, You Must Fight For It Every Single Day

What seems like hell is the devil's work to take our eye off of common sense.

Dear Son, nothing in life will prepare you for the painful side effects stemming from a negative mental attitude. It’s like hell. Only difference is that this hell shows up while you’re alive, instead of waiting until we die. There is only one antidote.

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What’s In It For Baby Boomers Who Follow The Movement Rather Than The Herd?

Some Doors Lead To Freedom, Others To A Trap

Like jeff noel’s tagline at Mid Life Celebration’s – ReThink. RePrioritiize. ReCommit. – his blog about our physical responsibility, Lane 8, has a similar challenge – If your goal isn’t impossible, you’re not reaching high enough. The Herd offers insignificance and decline. The Movement offers legacy and growth.

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