Decide what you want to be mentally

Disney Customer Service speakers
Going the extra mile is a flawed proposition. i’m the first Customer Service ‘guru’ to call this out. The extra mile is outdated and misleading.


Decide what you want to be mentally.

Holding on to tradition – and what your environment as you grew up has dealt you – may be perceived as strength.

Letting go of the herd mentality (tradition) may be strength.

There’s only one way to know.

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The predestined path to settling is calling us

Executive coaching
Executive coaching article from Harvard Business Review. Common sense, but not common practice, especially for CEO’s.


It’s fascinating, to me, how easy it is to follow the herd mentality – to accept a predestined path of settling.

We settle for the tried and true path of the Herd Mentality; which settles for  surviving versus thriving, because society overwhelmingly believes balance is impossible.

So we medicate, entertain, and distract ourselves.

Thriving is best left to the lucky ones.




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Conform or face the consequences

Tibet Butler Nature Preserve
Conform or face the consequences.


Conform or face the consequences. You know, stay on the trails. Don’t go on this tempting path because you are not authorized.

What would happen if you authorized yourself to do anything you wanted to try? The caveat being it can’t be immoral, unsafe, or hateful.

What would happen to you?

Maybe you’d change in the way you dream of.

You’re still dreaming, right?

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The best keynote speakers are full of drive and determination

Orlando Keynote Speakers


(photo: Overachievers are everywhere. Drive and determination are key weapons in the fight against mediocrity. Photo from yesterday in the gym parking lot.)

The herd is massive and includes almost all of us.

The movement is small, scattered, and often confused.

The herd is mediocrity.

The movement is drive and determination.

To live like you mean it.

To slay excuses and regrets. For good.

We are in charge of this. Period.

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Burn the ship of fear

Buena Vista Palace at World Disney World


Construction company trailer


(photo: Last night leaving the parking lot at Buena Vista Palace in Walt Disney World. Cortes? Burn the ships? Yes!)

Everyone is afraid. Not everyone lets fear become an excuse.

A thought from Troy Tyler:

“Strat­egy is all about com­mit­ment,” says Tyler. “If what you’re doing isn’t irrev­o­ca­ble, then you don’t have a strat­egy — because any­one can do it. That’s why burn­ing the boats is so impor­tant. I’ve always wanted to treat life like I was an invad­ing army and there was no turn­ing back.”

Boldness has genius.

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PS. What are the odds that tucked at the far edge of a hotel parking lot at Walt Disney World there’d be Cortes’ trailer?