Outlasting Fear

The Single Best Piece Of Advice I Ever Got To Overcome Fear

don’t play with wild, untamed animals, but do get out amongst them.

Single best piece of advice to overcome fear? Hold on, it’s profoundly simple, but will change your life if you let it. Do what you fear.

Insight: In doing what you fear, you destroy the unknown. The unknown is never as bad, or permanent as we believe.

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One Question A Day?

I Asked Hulk Hogan For One Piece Of Advice To Be World Class

Smokers are very consistent.

Sorry, wanted to write a shorter post, but didn’t have time.

Just returned from Detroit where I gave an all-day speech on world class business practices. Stopped at Golds Gym Orlando to work out.

Hulk Hogan was gracious to answer my question, “What one piece of advice would you give to anyone wanting to be world class?”

Hulk asked, “For what?” I said, “For anything. A trombone player, a wrestler, a professional speaker”.

He said without hesitation, “Consistency”.


Like I always say, the long way is the short cut – work harder than the others, focus, discipline, passion, purpose.

We already know these things. I ask a lot of people this question. Today they happened to be famous.

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One Question A Day?


Dad, what’s your best advice for me?

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Yesterday’s answer: Honesty.

If Rethink

What Do You Want From Me?

Who's World Is It?
Who's World Is It?

Asking for advice is a funny thing. It may even be an addiction. As long as we keep asking for answers, does that give us some sick type of permission to avoid doing anything? Better to trust your own intuition and try things and learn what works and what doesn’t. Do more of what works and less of what doesn’t.

When everyone else is searching for answers, better to seek the right questions.

Once you ask the right questions, your answers will take care of themselves.

Quit waiting, and wanting, to be spoon fed.

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Forgiveness Humility (never enough)

Everybody Says

He Loves To Learn
He Loves To Learn

Everybody says, “They grow up fast!”

Maybe it was looking at hundreds of 2005 photos last week.

Maybe it was watching a few very cute videos from 2005.

Maybe it was sleeping alone in this Albuquerque hotel room last night.

Maybe it’s all the promises I’ve made to him that are still unfulfilled.

Maybe it’s those colored beads in the bottle, one for each weekend until an 18th birthday.

We get one shot at this. Only one.

And everybody says, “They grow up fast!”