The Single Best Piece Of Advice I Ever Got To Overcome Fear

don’t play with wild, untamed animals, but do get out amongst them.

Single best piece of advice to overcome fear? Hold on, it’s profoundly simple, but will change your life if you let it. Do what you fear.

Insight: In doing what you fear, you destroy the unknown. The unknown is never as bad, or permanent as we believe.

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  1. I did what I was afraid to do. I thought I was just going to pass out some sign-up sheets, but suddenly I was asked to *speak* to a Marine family support group in our area about the old tradition of hanging Blue Star Banners in the front window of your home to show the world that a member of the family was actively serving in the Armed Forces. Ha ha, I even made them laugh a little. Thanks, Jeff, for these little reminders that we don’t have to let fear control us…

  2. Natalie, you’re welcome. The longer I write (the more I write) the more I come to realize that the man in the mirror is the one who seems to benefit the most from these daily reminders.

    Way to go in helping yourself and our military Families.

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