Everybody Says

He Loves To Learn
He Loves To Learn

Everybody says, “They grow up fast!”

Maybe it was looking at hundreds of 2005 photos last week.

Maybe it was watching a few very cute videos from 2005.

Maybe it was sleeping alone in this Albuquerque hotel room last night.

Maybe it’s all the promises I’ve made to him that are still unfulfilled.

Maybe it’s those colored beads in the bottle, one for each weekend until an 18th birthday.

We get one shot at this. Only one.

And everybody says, “They grow up fast!”

By jeff noel

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  1. Thanks. Travel has a way of overstimulating the senses.

    No Father will ever get to a place were he is done, I believe.

    The road to “parenting excellence” has no finish line.

    And quite possibly, there may be some “losing seasons”, in the game of life.

    Meg’s photography really adds a layer of richness that compliments her posts.

  2. Not only does it change your perspective on parenting and having a family. The perspective on everything else changes too. I often find myself contemplating how certain situations, that I’m not even involved in, would affect my family.

    Thanks for that compliment on Meg’s blog. The artist in her (she’s had some training and of course natural skill) really takes over. She turns things out so quickly too. I’m a proud man! =)

  3. Up late?
    Enjoy your ride. Being a Father, to me, is the greatest blessing and obligation a man can ever have, besides being a husband and serving God and others.
    Okay, so there are three big blessings and obligations.
    And probably a dozen more close behind those three. 🙂

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