I Asked Hulk Hogan For One Piece Of Advice To Be World Class

Smokers are very consistent.

Sorry, wanted to write a shorter post, but didn’t have time.

Just returned from Detroit where I gave an all-day speech on world class business practices. Stopped at Golds Gym Orlando to work out.

Hulk Hogan was gracious to answer my question, “What one piece of advice would you give to anyone wanting to be world class?”

Hulk asked, “For what?” I said, “For anything. A trombone player, a wrestler, a professional speaker”.

He said without hesitation, “Consistency”.


Like I always say, the long way is the short cut – work harder than the others, focus, discipline, passion, purpose.

We already know these things. I ask a lot of people this question. Today they happened to be famous.

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