When does four days equal 20 blog posts?

MLC – 2008.


MLC – mind, body, spirit, money.


MLC – HQ became the fifth box…the one that surrounds the other four boxes. It was there all along, but i was blind to it…until one day…


As you read this, please understand i was insecure, afraid, and alone when i thought up and began that crazy idea on April 1, 2009.

When do four days equal 20 blog posts?

When you write five daily blog posts.

When i began brainstorming what Mid Life Celebration was going to be in the first few years, i had determined life had four big choices…

  1. Mind (MidLifeCelebration.com)
  2. Body (Lane8.org)
  3. Spirit (jeffnoel.org)
  4. Money (work) (JungleJeff.net)

So i purchased the four domain names above, my gut also told me i should have an “office”, like an administrative HQ for all the stuff that wouldn’t naturally fit into mind, body, spirit, money.

jeffnoel.com was owned by an Arizona State Farm agent.

Being decently organized, i purchased backorder rights through GoDaddy.com for jeffnoel.com in case the State Farm agent let it go for any reason.

Sure enough, and much sooner than i could have hoped, he didn’t renew and i received the right to buy it 73 days after his expiration date.

This was March 2009.

It was then that i added the fifth blog, HQ.

So yeah, i often forget that i originally had four big choices in life versus five.

Visiting the archives for the three posts from March 2009, i’m reminded that i had the fifth choice all along – i called it a digital, administrative store-front. A place that served the digital equivalent of an office on Main Street, USA.

It’s been three years since i wrote in this blog’s category labeled Life’s Big Choices (4 Total).


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