Mid Life Celebration’s jeff noel Challenges All Baby Boomers To Think Differently In 2012

Each of us Baby Boomers could probably fill that sleigh with all our failed resolutions

Mid Life Celebration’s jeff noel loves the end of the year and all the creative thinking that goes into prioritizing resolutions for the coming New Year. Baby Boomers, I’m not letting past failures (too many to count) defeat my will to try again. No, really. Let’s do it this year. Differently. Better.

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Dear Son (and Fellow Baby Boomers), The Toughest Fact To Accept Is That We Own Our Outcomes

Don't Be A Crash Test Dummy, Be In Charge

There are exceptions to every rule. However, no one is exempt from exercising regularly, it’s our personal responsibility. We are in charge, no one else. This is life’s toughest lesson because we take the test when it’s too late. Do most elders focus on regular exercise and moderate, healthy eating?

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Life’s Five Big Buckets (Choices) Are So Interconnected, It’s Impossible To Separate Them

Palm Springs Resort staircase & the Bob Hope fountain
Palm Springs Resort elevator floor mat

Mind, Body, Spirit, Money, HQ. These five Big Life Choices are deceptively simple. Their interconnectedness is so critical to work life balance that we can all see the obvious truth, but most midlife Boomers become immediately overwhelmed with the thought of excellent work life balance in all five.

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