WordPress 5.9 Josephine

Older WordPress headers screen shot
You wake up one day and realize how the place has dramatically changed. These are old WordPress website headers.

WordPress 5.9 Josephine auto installed yesterday.

WordPress (WP) continues to improve slowly and steadily. Over time, however, the contrast from a decade ago to now is extraordinary. So grateful to learn it one iteration at a time.

i trust WP.

WP changed my life.

Today is the 4,837 consecutive day writing five daily, differently-themed blog posts.

That’s 24,180 blog posts.

The official world record by a single author is 17, 212.

No one cares about a blogging world record.

i write, not because i need to, but because i want to. It’s a daily, involuntary reflex. One that someday may disappear.

Meanwhile, here’s a trip down memory lane…the colored WP website headers are as follows:

  1. Mind – grey matter
  2. Body – brown is between the darkest and lightest skin
  3. Spirit – everyone bleeds red
  4. Work – US dollar bill green
  5. Home – Dark blue is fav color

Working diligently to decide the future of my workload.

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40 Disney Years

Disney Cast Years of Service trophies
Disney Cast Years of Service trophies. Randomly took photo today for this post.

Milestones are an important way to solidify relationships.

Neanderthals likely celebrated (or dreaded) the sun’s rising as a sign they made it through the night without getting eaten.

Neanderthals likely (as if i have any clue) also celebrated the sunset because it meant they survived another day without getting eaten.

The paradox of this is they also likely feared the sunrise and the sunset. What’s to celebrate when you know the entire day will be spent looking over your shoulder, or sleeping with one eye open and one ear open.

Neanderthals were part of the food chain.

And they were a long way from the top.

Evolution brought breakthroughs like knives made from bones, spear heads made from stones. Over millenia, the smartest and strongest survived.

Modern day neanderthals (that’s us) now have a microscopic T-Rex and Saber-toothed tiger, Covid.

And little ole me is reflecting on the 40-year anniversary of my Disney hire date.

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Blastoff: April Fool, you are

Disney Employee engagement keynote speaker
Wow might be the understatement of the present moment. Photo: Santiago, Chile.

Prolific daily writing provides a blessed freedom from limited thinking.

Prolific daily writing transforms you with a world-class growth mindset.

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T-minus 1 – 14th year eve

post it note with balance and personal vibrancy
Doing impossible things makes you question other impossible things. And you continue to make impossible part of what you thrive on.

Thirteen years ago on March 31, 2009 some crazy “promise” began.

The promise to begin writing in the morning.

The promise to write five differently-themed blog posts, on five different websites.

The promise to write those five differently-themed posts every single day for 100 consecutive days.

Note: The previous record for 5-a-day was two days in a row. Pathetic.

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T-minus 2

Mickey and Minnie Mouse
Studio portrait quality came from an iPhone. Notice the Celebrate You logo at top?

T-minus two days.

Fourteen years ago it became an idea.

Thirteen years ago the writing began.

It started with the Great Recession in 2008-09.

It rekindled a distant memory — a promise — to write a book for my children. Thirty years had passed since the College Junior (me) had an inspiring idea.

The Great Recession/Disney-layoff-wake-up-call completely caught everyone off-guard.

The Plan B notion surfaced quickly.


But was at a loss on how and where to begin. And, was it even necessary? In hindsight, it was not necessary. At least not until Covid-19, 11 years later.

Covid-19 decimated Walt Disney Parks and Resorts — and Disney Institute.

“You should have a Plan B in case, God forbid, this ever happens again.”

From that foggy, half-baked 2008 “Plan B” idea to write a book as a business card — for a backup plan, should another Great Recession-type event appear again before our planned 2024 Disney retirement, came the search for a place to practice writing.

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