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Being Nice To Others Has Many Forms
Being Nice To Others Has Many Forms

All that stuff I mentioned two days ago at jungle jeff has it’s roots in this idea:

No one can help another without helping themselves.

Many of you are practicing this as evidenced in your blog comments and emails. Together, we can pay it forward, pay it back, plant seeds of hope, offer encouragement, and stay positive in a challenging world.

So while the “numbers” grow, and that’s nice and all, what is really happening is the ripple effect. Thank you for being the engine that makes it possible.

Goodness Self Control (Impossible?)

It Finally Dawned On Me

College Life: Sofa, Beer & A Porch
College Life: Sofa, Beer & A Porch

The reason people who are successful have time to work hard is because they have traded their time trying to catch a buzz, for time trying to catch their dream.

There are enormous hours and energy wasted on having a good time.

But when the only one benefiting from your buzz is you, you are really being selfish.

Plain and simple.

When you decide to free up your time to create a buzz to help others, you’re whole life changes from meaningless to meaningful.

Goodness Self Control (Impossible?)

When Perez Hilton Meets Midlife

MIND: Attitude, Intellect, Brains
MIND: Attitude, Intellect, Brains

Mid Life Celebration is the opposite of midlife crisis. Not only in the words used to describe it, but in the attitude needed to be completely fair, good and decent – to be wise.

Yesterday’s post about Perez Hilton and Miss America was a controversial topic and I attempted to remain neutral.

And this is what a midlife celebration encompasses – a maturity that allows you to not judge anyone, for any reason.

Once you show intolerance to another, you can no longer ask others to be tolerant of you.

Forgiveness Goodness

Was Perez Hilton Wrong Or Right?

When Perez Hilton withholds the Miss America crown because the Miss California contestant is Christian, would that sort of be like a Christian Judge withholding the crown because the Miss America contestant is Lesbian?

Funny how a certain standard could make the prophet look like a hypocrite.

A big part of what Perez needs to do is create controversy. It’s some of the best free marketing there is, and he is brilliant at using it. Of the 80 million blogs out there, Perez Hilton’s blog was number one in 2009.

For a reason. And I’m studying it, as well as this:

We can become so passionate and so blind by our own beliefs, that we commit the very sin we despise.

Goodness Hope

Want The New Buzz?

Springtime Singles Rebirth
Springtime Singles Rebirth

The new buzz isn’t from a can or a bottle.

The new buzz is from a ready and willing heart.

The long way is the short cut.

Baby Boomers and Gen X-er’s have the greatest opportunity to be a catalyst for positive change.

Old habits are hard to break and almost never broken.

As the saying goes, “Put up or shut up.”

The world needs role models who do more than talk about what needs to be done.

Are you that kind of person?

Are you a thermometer or a thermostat?