The Thing About Being Authentic Is You Can Claim Your Religious Belief And Not Worry If It Alienates Others

The Spirit Of Love Unites The World

Many Mid Life Celebration blog readers don’t celebrate Christmas. That’s cool. And many do celebrate Christmas. That’s cool too. No matter what you celebrate this month, we are all united in the foundational element of every religion – love. Here’s to our December celebrations (and please pardon jeff noel if he missed any):

Al Hijra – Muslim New Year: Nov. 26 – Dec. 24
Ashura (Islamic, Muslim): Dec. 5
St. Nicholas Day (International): Dec. 6
Bodhi Day – Buddha’s Enlightenment (Buddhist): Dec. 8
Virgin of Guadalupe (Mexico): Dec. 12
Santa Lucia Day (Sweden): Dec. 13
Las Posadas (Mexico): Dec. 16 – 25
Hanukkah (Jewish): Dec. 21 – 28
Christmas (Christian, Roman Catholic, International): Dec. 25
Boxing Day (Canada, United Kingdom): Dec. 26
Kwanzaa (African-American): Dec. 26 – Jan. 1

Our world has much to be thankful for. Go, slow down. Be thankful.

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