What do June 7 and December 24 have in common?

Castle turrets on a pen
Castle turrets on a pen i used yesterday to sign the credit card charge.


Castle turrets on a pen
Will tomorrow’s logo reveal be in the ball park in simplicity?


What do June 7 and December 24 have in common?

The childlike anticipation for special gifts in the morning.

New (unadvertised) website soft opening is tomorrow, June 8 (my 57th birthday).

Can’t wait to see what the team has put together.




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Compared To A Manger, This Is Like The Ritz Carlton

Much more upscale than a manger
1890 Windermere, Florida historic schoolhouse and the town jeff noel ran his 1st ever 5k

What type of accommodations are fit for a King? The beauty in the Christmas story is how the Christian King began life in the humblest of dwellings, a feeding trough in a stable. How this impacts our lives is up to us.

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