What Makes You Feel Old?

51 Does Not Feel Old
51 Does Not Feel Old

Mid Life – like birth, childhood, adolescence, leaving home, getting married, having kids, empty nest, retirement, death – midlife fits in there as one of life’s major milestone categories.

For the sake of argument, of course, not everyone gets married or has kids, but it is the most common way to continue our species.

In life’s stages, when and where did you start to feel old?

For me, it was four major things:

  1. Getting AARP welcome letter in 2009 (age 50)
  2. A dangerous cholesterol report in 1999 (40)
  3. Identifying our legitimate disability in 1996 (37)
  4. Buying the first pair of reading glasses 1995

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Mid Life Creativity

Do you ever have moments, seasons, or even longer stages of life where you question many things? Or maybe you find yourself lost and confused. Or, overwhelmed.

Mid Life creativity is critical in moving from a mid life crisis to a mid life celebration.  Several times yesterday, I thought about it being Monday. Monday is “Twistee Treat Day”.  And so is Friday.

Seemingly insignificant, or trivial, at first glance, isn’t it?

You see, as a mid-life father of a nine-year old, in many ways, I was a “fish out of water” when our son was born.

What to do, right?  Well, it seemed like a good idea to find small ways to create lasting memories (traditions).

Perhaps the main reason this is challenging for me is because, when I tried to recall these things with my Dad and my Grandfather, I was coming up empty.  Both men loved me and I loved them.

I just simply don’t remember any special things that we did together.

Tomorrow I’ll share a creative mid-life list of some of the things that are so simple, and yet so significant, that they will last  life time.  Who wouldn’t want that?