Popular metrics don’t work for the majority

Reminded our Son yesterday that his early decision and acceptance (and incredible merit-based scholarship) in December puts him in a group of less than 10-percent of decisive and less-stressed students (and parents). We (society) often use popular metrics. Some High School students never make it in the top 10% of any “normal” and popular metric. […]

Why confidence is often misinterpreted

  Why is confidence often misinterpreted? A confident person carries something intangible yet recognizable. It’s often called “it”. People may remark, “I don’t know what it is, but she has it.” Karma? Vibe? Aura? And then introduce math to this thread. Between introverts, extroverts, job function, experience, and so on, the radiance (or perception) projected will […]

Feel blessed by and grateful for the confidence you’ve developed

  Feel blessed by and grateful for the confidence you’ve developed during your lifetime. And know this confidence you carry is fleeting. It comes and goes like the night. Find a million ways to remain confident in the darkness. Never take confidence for granted. Never boast. Always nurture and feed your confidence. Walk humbly, and […]

The paradox of self-confidence

  The paradox of self-confidence is that most (all the ones i know anyway) confident people have a quiet, yet relentless, battle with self-doubt. You’re only as good as your last presentation, your last race, your last prayer. No one cares what you did in the past, if what you are currently doing isn’t amazing. […]