Orlando based motivational speakers needed

Orlando Sunrise from aircraft


(photo: Will fly anywhere to speak, but the real meeting planner bonus is speaking in Orlando)

Are we living like we mean it? Or do we keep putting that off until the timing is better?

Orlando based motivational speakers needed?

That’s the astonishingly simple foundational premise.

Call or text if you ever need one: 407-538-4341

The Nursing home visit, an upcoming 14th birthday, the option to retire at any time, a ticking clock, long-standing promises to fulfill…

Read Mid Life Celebration for the 23rd time on the flight home yesterday – prompted by a Pennsylvania reader’s wonderful feedback.

Wondering what the next few months have in store. Is it beyond a casual wondering?

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Most professional speakers are also writers, with ridiculous challenges to overcome

ernest hemingway
There was something captivating about Ernest Hemingway's style

Most professional speakers are also writers, but not all writers are speakers. Ernest Hemingway is not remembered for his oratory skills. And yet many claim he’s one of the greatest writers ever. Ever!

I do both, but hide the writing from the speaking. It’s weird. Not sure it has to be done this way. It feels safe. It also feels ridiculous. Writing about conundrums helps me process solutions, albeit slowly.

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Here are 20 Ernest Hemingway writing tips and tricks for being an effective writer. In between the lines are nuggets for you to process as you look for creative solutions to your own ridiculous challenges.